Friday, October 1, 2010

Liz's Circles

First effort. Unfortunately did not save the pretty red and purple circles to make brushes

Added Noise to this

I like the effect of noise
I have admired how Liz from y-knot blog has been able to create her great rendered circles. Try as I might I could not work out how to do all the individual ones....and now Liz has been kind enough to take the time to help  me with this.  She is an absolutely amazing whiz at all this digital design.  I am still learning, but here are my efforts so far.

I can now progress to the next page...I am so excited about these they were a reall challenge and I have spent hours trying to solve it and when you know how you go...grr..there it was all the time....a matter of getting to know what all the things in the drop down menus mean.  So now it is onward and upward.

Lucy's Rose for Sharon - Debut of a New SRE Rose

This is a collage of some pictures of a silk ribbon embroidered rose which I invented some years ago. Sharon B of stitchinfingers has put up a tutorial under the new "Tutorial Tab"   of how to work this rose.  It is a gift to Sharon from me and she is sharing it with members of stitchinfingers. If you like SRE then try this rose you will like the effect.  It is totally new to the world of SRE.

In the second picture I have posterised and rendered the photo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My very first "Brush"

These are two designs using the brush I made from a blackwork pattern.   I posturised a background of the flowers which are red, hence the red background of the Flame Tree ,and changed the sizes of the brush. 

This was the first pattern I made. The background is from skeletalmess, and then I just stamped the design.

Still have a lot to learn here.  I need to know how to colour brushes...but that will come with more practice, and of course advice from my cyber friends.
I have made another one from one of my embroideries, but I think I saved that as a pattern...oops   Will sort that out for my next post.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

collection of pictures

Bacground:Qbits patt/posterized
Same picture layered and line nova
Gradients /layers/shell brushes/colourbalance.

Original photo
As you can see by these three photos i tried out quite a lot of the different things in the tools and filters. I began with the first photo  and copy and pastes.  Line Nova.  With this exercise i finally worked out how to go back through the layers to make changes to create the mosaic on the different layers.

The next picture was created from one of my Tast stitches  It is dark, but I like the way the highlight focuses on the beads

The original photo of the rose.  The original image and Bg layer were resized.  Filter/renderNova 310,10,253,61 which gave the effect behind the rose. I inverted the colours, which turned out to be a red/blue combination so undid that and adjusted the colour balance midtones C71;M-71;Y-94adjust highlights C 92,m-84,Y-69 then I just wanted to know what "seamless" was, and wallah this is what happened.

So this is how I spend my time in the middle of the night when I cant least I am not wandering round becoming paranoid about my insomnia ....and by the way I did get some ironing done today, not a great deal, but the top of the contents of the basket is level with the top and not piled high above.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Red flourishes

I just love the look of this.  Unfortunately I got so carried away I did not finish taking notes.  What I have written down is 3 orchids image  Lace BG Colour balance, R1000 G -79, B-100
then add image  filter/distort/emboss/
Patt. bucket fill - I think the red one and think I did a colour invert.
Have a not in brackets that says (red cubes) and another that says new layer. 

What I do know is that the swirly bits are from a brush.  I must have added the 3 rectangles before the brushes.  I know I did some bucket fill and I remember using a small brush tool or the pencil to fill the small areas in the blue.

It was the middle of the night when I did this and was just playing round until I got tired  and so remember getting a bit excited about how it was evolving.  I think it would make a nice screen...I tried to add text but had forgotten how so now I have downloaded some instructions will be trying text things.  I have to thank Liz from Y-Knot for the inspiration I have gained from her sharing on her blog and also Neki, and Faith They are just so generous.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Orchids and Oak Leaves

 I remember reading of a class happening locally when we first arrived here on "digital art"....that's not art thought the painter to herself and dismissed the idea.  What a difference a couple of years makes.

I guess this is not "true art" in a sense, but if they had used the words Digital Design that would have been different.  Wish I could have taken the opportunity back then.  But of course I did not have the computer I have today, nor any photo editing programmes and beside I was too busy producing "real art".

So tonight back to the Digital design and looking again at the different drop down menus and exploring further.

With the image above I began  with a qbist pattern for the background.  I like to see the effects of those patterns when the colours are inverted. Then I added the orchid picture which I posterised and bevelledI did add a frame, but ended up losing part of it when I cropped the image.

I used the leaf brush to add in the next layer and filled them with pattern which I then went to filters/noise/slur.

To finish it off I wanted to put an overlay of lace, used the same red as the leaves and a lace brush which left the nice pinkish tinge to the photo of the orchids.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dolphin Design

I was reading y-Knot's Blog, and was fascinated by what she did with what was called Qbist  in Gimp, so decided to go looking for it.  What a great tool to have fun with  this is.  Just by chance mind you, I fluked this picture which looked like a dolphin so then added some grass brushes in various sizes to give it more of a "sea" feel.

When I had finished I was playing with filters, and like the effect of the ribbon weave over the picture.
I started with a blank canvas as she said, and chose one of he patterns. I did emboss it but undid that and did a colour invert/posterise on that layer.

I did keep a not of what happened next: 

filter/distort/whirl and pinch.  The settings were Angle -112, Pinch 0.26o, and Radius 0.786. Now i have no idea if this could be repeated exactly, and I haven't tried to do it again. But I think my little dolphin is cute.
This would make a great design for some tropical fabric I think.
I tried to add layers with various things, but liked these images the best so saved them.
Now to find another image I made and saved but which has disappeared into cyberspace or the gremlins who hide in my computer have eaten it.