Sunday, September 19, 2010

collection of pictures

Bacground:Qbits patt/posterized
Same picture layered and line nova
Gradients /layers/shell brushes/colourbalance.

Original photo
As you can see by these three photos i tried out quite a lot of the different things in the tools and filters. I began with the first photo  and copy and pastes.  Line Nova.  With this exercise i finally worked out how to go back through the layers to make changes to create the mosaic on the different layers.

The next picture was created from one of my Tast stitches  It is dark, but I like the way the highlight focuses on the beads

The original photo of the rose.  The original image and Bg layer were resized.  Filter/renderNova 310,10,253,61 which gave the effect behind the rose. I inverted the colours, which turned out to be a red/blue combination so undid that and adjusted the colour balance midtones C71;M-71;Y-94adjust highlights C 92,m-84,Y-69 then I just wanted to know what "seamless" was, and wallah this is what happened.

So this is how I spend my time in the middle of the night when I cant least I am not wandering round becoming paranoid about my insomnia ....and by the way I did get some ironing done today, not a great deal, but the top of the contents of the basket is level with the top and not piled high above.


Y-Knot said...

Middle of the night when you can't sleep. Yes, that's when I do some of my images as well. Much better than tossing and turning, and then you have something to show for it when you wake up in the morning. Though I did notice that the images I did in the middle of the night, that looked fine at the time, looked way too intense and dark the next day.

neki desu said...

never mind the ironing :)
you've been productive in other ways.

N. Maria said...

Ooooo, ahhhhh! Nice to see the talent you have with manipulating photos!

Y-Knot said...

I love the collection of sea shells. They look like they are under water, with the sun streaming in an an angle.