Friday, September 17, 2010

Red flourishes

I just love the look of this.  Unfortunately I got so carried away I did not finish taking notes.  What I have written down is 3 orchids image  Lace BG Colour balance, R1000 G -79, B-100
then add image  filter/distort/emboss/
Patt. bucket fill - I think the red one and think I did a colour invert.
Have a not in brackets that says (red cubes) and another that says new layer. 

What I do know is that the swirly bits are from a brush.  I must have added the 3 rectangles before the brushes.  I know I did some bucket fill and I remember using a small brush tool or the pencil to fill the small areas in the blue.

It was the middle of the night when I did this and was just playing round until I got tired  and so remember getting a bit excited about how it was evolving.  I think it would make a nice screen...I tried to add text but had forgotten how so now I have downloaded some instructions will be trying text things.  I have to thank Liz from Y-Knot for the inspiration I have gained from her sharing on her blog and also Neki, and Faith They are just so generous.


Linda said...

Oh Shirley, this is fantastic. The swirl/flourish image is something I adore, just love flowing lines. I can see one of these making a wonderful postcard swap in the future. It's so exciting changing images that you do forget to write down each step. Don't fret, I'm just enjoying your posts and loving the images you are making/changing. I need to sit and do more with brushes and fills. Thanks again for the inspiration, and the link to the other clever girls.

neki desu said...

now this one is a serious cookie!!and i love it.
what would we do without the seamless application uh ? :)
btw thanks for the link.