Thursday, September 16, 2010

Orchids and Oak Leaves

 I remember reading of a class happening locally when we first arrived here on "digital art"....that's not art thought the painter to herself and dismissed the idea.  What a difference a couple of years makes.

I guess this is not "true art" in a sense, but if they had used the words Digital Design that would have been different.  Wish I could have taken the opportunity back then.  But of course I did not have the computer I have today, nor any photo editing programmes and beside I was too busy producing "real art".

So tonight back to the Digital design and looking again at the different drop down menus and exploring further.

With the image above I began  with a qbist pattern for the background.  I like to see the effects of those patterns when the colours are inverted. Then I added the orchid picture which I posterised and bevelledI did add a frame, but ended up losing part of it when I cropped the image.

I used the leaf brush to add in the next layer and filled them with pattern which I then went to filters/noise/slur.

To finish it off I wanted to put an overlay of lace, used the same red as the leaves and a lace brush which left the nice pinkish tinge to the photo of the orchids.


Linda said...

Another intriguing 'change' Shirley. I like this, and applaud you for your patience with the program, not to mention your generosity in sharing your experiments. This piece definitely has 'depth'.

neki desu said...

very interesting image.
i beg to differ on the art definition.
i always like to quote kandinsky when he said something in the like of - art is the transmission of force(energy) and not news.remember when photography appeared as a medium of expression?
and the controversy when the jacquard loom appeared?