Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dolphin Design

I was reading y-Knot's Blog, and was fascinated by what she did with what was called Qbist  in Gimp, so decided to go looking for it.  What a great tool to have fun with  this is.  Just by chance mind you, I fluked this picture which looked like a dolphin so then added some grass brushes in various sizes to give it more of a "sea" feel.

When I had finished I was playing with filters, and like the effect of the ribbon weave over the picture.
I started with a blank canvas as she said, and chose one of he patterns. I did emboss it but undid that and did a colour invert/posterise on that layer.

I did keep a not of what happened next: 

filter/distort/whirl and pinch.  The settings were Angle -112, Pinch 0.26o, and Radius 0.786. Now i have no idea if this could be repeated exactly, and I haven't tried to do it again. But I think my little dolphin is cute.
This would make a great design for some tropical fabric I think.
I tried to add layers with various things, but liked these images the best so saved them.
Now to find another image I made and saved but which has disappeared into cyberspace or the gremlins who hide in my computer have eaten it.


Linda said...

WOW, Shirley, I'm impressed!! I haven't tried the weave thing, but must go to that blog and look for more information. I haven't loaded any other brushes to my computer, as it's so clogged up I dare not put anything more one it - waiting on a new one. I really love seeing your images, they are so special. I think you are quite right with this one, it's definitely tropical.

Y-Knot said...

I love those pure, glowing colors. It looks like an alternate universe. I see I need to play more with it tonight!

neki desu said...

the grass adds a lot to the scene.came out really cool.i love to see how you're experimenting and what you're getting.