Friday, September 3, 2010

Changed pictures

Using Art Canvas
Inverting Colours
Inverting colours of yellow orchid

Some samples of Inverting colours and desaturating.


neki desu said...

now try two different layers and play with the different blending modes and opacity.
and then a different image on each layer and do the above.i guarantee there will be no more housework done for the rest of the week :)

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Hi there!! You have been busy creating in a new medium huh? This is so clever. Well done on the new blog.

Linda said...

Some more really good alterations. I love all of them, but perhaps the 'painted' with the reddish flower would be my favourite. I can see that cropped and added to with machine embroidery. This is fun.

barbara182 said...

Hello there! Looks like fun to me, something new to try? Intriguing! What a shame I have to go out today! Darn! (not too familiar with blogging . . . betcha need a licence to drive one!!!)