Friday, September 3, 2010

Stephonotis blended and layered for Neki

This is what I began with.  I did add some layering to this, but it has not come out or I can't see it in the photo below.  But I at least got to use the gradient, and it came out as the picture below.  Not to worry, I will have another go later. 

I have started reading the file that Ruth told me about, but haven't got to the part on how to change the tools or brushes.  They keep coming back.  I have a feeling I could need to be holding down a key or something.


Linda said...

Lovely Shirley. I am just going to have to walk away from this computer, you have got me in. I am never going to get anything done.........LOL.......

Have fun!!! Great to see your changes, whatever they are.

Thendral said...

Great Shirley, I admire you!!!

neki desu said...

hey thanks!
stephanotis wow!

methinks what happened was that you used the gradient on the background so you could not change the opacity.
you need to make a copy of the background and use the gradient there, then adjust opacity or change the blend mode to for ex. soft light and adjust opacity.
just playing with a gradient and the different blend modes and opacity will keep you busy for a while+ you'll get familiar with what they do.
this qualifies as the longest blog comment