Friday, September 10, 2010

Gimp is back

I can see people in that garden
This is the photo I was trying to upload when I discovered that my Gimp programme would not open... and what does Shirley do when things go wrong...PANIC!!!!! dashed off an email to the computer group  then a post at SF Digital group....then finished off my glass of wine...then prowled for a while...then decided to "phone a friend" who turned out to be my eldest son.

He has done so much for me computer wise that i try not to bother him too much and have taken great delight in telling him how brave I have become. (12 months ago I was still terrified of the computer)

He was a darling and once I described what I thought I had done his gave me 3 of which was to reinstall Gimp if the others did not work..then he said have you done a reboot.....nooooo says Mother.....

Wow! reboot done and Gimp is back.  I know he has told me in the past to do a reboot but I had forgotten about that....I am so relieved...Now my next big problem is how am I going to explain my dillness to the computer group at the meeting tomorrow????

Now please dont ask how I achieved any of the last mind is a complete blank.

more playing is needed!

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